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How It Works

Build Your Bag

We create a new menu each week. Choose a weekly plan or order a-la-carte.

Order Online

Order by midnight Saturday to receive delicious, organic & handmade meals the following Tuesday.

Heat & Eat

Ready to eat meals delivered to your door on Tuesday between 2-6pm.


Organic & Seasonal

We purchase directly from farmers in Prince Edward County whenever season and availability allow. This means we know exactly how the food was grown and that it has reached peak nutrition and taste.

Sustainable Protein

We use sustainably sourced animal proteins, including pasture raised beef, heritage pastured pork, certified organic poultry from Yorkshire Valley Farms, wild salmon and locally caught pickerel and perch.

No Processed Ingredients or Refined Sugars

Everything is made from scratch.

We sweeten our baked goods with mineral rich Ontario maple syrup or enzyme & nutrient rich local honey.

High Gelatin Bone Broth

36-hour slow simmered broth using organic chicken and pasture-raised beef.

Gluten & Dairy-Free Options

We offer a variety of gluten & dairy-free options on our menu each week.


Our food is strictly non-GMO. Any corn, soy or other commonly found GMO products are from certified organic sources only.

Nourishing, ready to eat meals

Roots of Health Meal Delivery is owned and operated by husband and wife team, nutritionist Kerri Cooper & chef Sean MacFayden.

Kerri created Roots of Health Meal Delivery in 2011 while practicing nutrition in Toronto. Cooking in her roommate’s home in Kensington market, she would gather the ingredients in the morning from the market shop keepers, prepare, cook and deliver to her small group of loyal customers that same evening.

When Sean came on board in 2013, he quickly put his lifetime of experience and natural creativity to work helping take ROH to the next level. Sean has worked in kitchens both in Toronto and London, England for over a decade and was head chef at Butchers of Distinction from 2014-2018. You can find one of his savoury pies from the butcher shop featured in Toronto Life magazine.

Over the past 7 years, business has grown completely organically through word of mouth. Everything is cooked in small batches, using ingredients purchased from farmers, butchers and food suppliers they know and trust.

Their goal is to deliver high quality, delicious and soulful meals, support local & organic farmers and re-connect people to one another over a shared meal.

Roots of Health is now based in Prince Edward County and delivers to homes and businesses across Toronto and Prince Edward County.

Free delivery to Prince Edward County and $5 flat fee delivery to Toronto west of Kipling and south of Sheppard.

Delivery takes place:

  • in PEC on Tuesdays between 11:ampm – 3:00pm
  • in Toronto + Durham region on Tuesday between 2am – 6pm

Meals arrived chilled in a cooler bag

No commitment to order-no subscriptions necessary!

Our Roots of Health philosophy centers on these 4 principles

Pleasure: First and foremost, food is meant to be experienced with pleasure. We craft our meals in small batches, using the best ingredients and lots of fresh herbs and spices, making it easy for our customers to have a positive, delectable food experience.

Nourishment: Our food is local, seasonal and organic where possible to increase its nutrient value. We use both animal and vegetable proteins; a mix of raw fermented and naturally high fiber foods, and a mineral-rich high gelatin bone broth as a base of our sauces, soups, stews and curries.

Sustainability: It’s important to us to have as much of an environmentally responsible business as possible and to continually increase our use and promotion of sustainable food, product & packaging. We support local organic farmers and local fisherfolk, source local organic products whenever possible and use re-usable, recyclable or compostable materials both in our kitchen and for our meal delivery. Food packaging and recyclables are complicated in food industry today. We’re always open to suggestions and ideas about how to be a better example of an environmentally conscious business.

Education: We love educating our customers on where their food comes from, how food can improve their health and how to best prepare it to highlight its flavour. We want you to be as excited and informed about food as we are! Follow us on Instagram @rtsofhealth to learn more.

Chicken: We use certified organic chicken from Yorkshire Valley Farms.

Eggs: Eggs are sourced in the warm months from Local Prince Edward county farms from hens who roam on pasture. In the colder months we use organic eggs from Yorkshire Valley Farms.

Beef: Our beef is supplied by Butchers of Distinction who butcher everything in house. They source beef from small Ontario farms using sustainable methods free of any antibiotics or hormones. Prime cuts are aged for a minimum of 30 days on the bone and all meat grinds come from one source. The cattle are raised outdoors in the wamrer months on grass, rye and field peas. They are moved indoors in the winter and eat grass silage and crushed barley. 100% grass fed beef come from Cannington Ontario who graze on grass in the summer and grass hay in the winter.

Pork: We source our pork from Butchers of Distinction in Toronto and local farmers in Prince Edward County. All pork is raised without any use of hormones or antibiotics and are from from heritage breeds which take longer to raise, leading to more flavour.

Produce: During the growing season we source locally grown vegetables from Fiddlehead Farms (organic) and Hagermans Farms in Prince Edward County. Fiddlehead Farms also provide us with organic seasonal veggies in the winter months as well such as carrot, sweet potato, radish and cabbage. Pfennings Farms (organic) also supply us with organic produce in the off-season.

Fish: We use wild salmon, cod and haddock and lake caught trout, pickerel and pike.

Sprouts: The sprouts we use are grown down the road at Cloven Farms.

  • Always Delicious

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Supporting a Local & Sustainable Food System

  • No cooking required

  • Gluten, Dairy, Grain & Soy-Free Options

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